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Feb 13, 2007
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Hey everyone I need a bit of advice. Years ago I wanted to be a veterinarian (about 3 years back during my undergraduate). I worked at two animal clinics as a kennel attendant, another clinic as a veterinary assistant, a zoo as a keeper assistant and a number of other animal related jobs (this was up til probably 03-04). Well I left my undergrad with a degree in molecular biochemistry and decided to get a master's in Biology/Forensic Science. My grades are very good from both degrees, I scored relativley high on the GRE and I have over 6 years of laboratory experience in an academic/industry setting (I worked in a physiology/biochemistry lab studing blood cell ion transport and in a forensic science lab working on DNA species identification and extraction from bone). Both of these led to publications.

I am now a lab manager working in drug design/pathogens. Lately I have been thinking about/wondering if I could still get into vet school at this age (25) without having had animal experience in 3 years time. I still have some of the individuals references on file and such. Any thoughts??


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Aug 9, 2004
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This thread is already on the pre-vet board as "Not sure if I should apply..." Please reply over there if you wish to do so.

Closing thread.
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