Jul 20, 2009
I'm currently obtaining my masters in the "rehab field" and have decided that I would like to continue a career in medicine. Hence, I want to apply to a post bacc program.

I finished my undergrad with a 3.6 GPA and I'm doing pretty good in my Graduate program.

First since I have my heart sert on USC's post bacc I wanted to know...
How competitive it is? How many people are admitted? Am i a competitive applicant?
I heard someone on the board wasn't admitted with a 3.8 GPA which makes me question a lot of things.

I wanted to know what programs would recommend in the California and local states area that are worthy of applying to? and how competitive of an applicant do you think I would be with my GPA. (I know about UCLA and Irvine & I'm not interested)

On the other hand, I heard Scripps has an awesome program but its difficult to get into and I'm not sure if a competitive applicant. Any other ones people would recommend. Perhaps ones with linkage programs (if someone wouldnt mind please explain to me the advantage of a linkage program is.)

I would love to hear from the board.

I want to note that Medicine is where my heart is, I'm willing to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to persue a career in it.


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Dec 21, 2007
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Scripps is for sure one of the top programs in the country, but their 4 linkages are all on the East Coast -- you sound like you'd like to stay in CA. Come to think of it, though, the other two postbac programs that have linkages (Bryn Mawr and Goucher) also only have linkage schools on the East Coast.

Your GPA is probably fine for Scripps, but you'll also need high SAT or GRE scores and lots of volunteer/work experience in the medical field.