Need advice on NC/ it OK?

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Jun 19, 2010
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Heya everyone,
I need advice, once more. (you guys are always so helpful.) For those of you who have already been accepted to a program, did you have many W's or NC's on your transcript from withdrawing from a class after the drop date? did it hurt anything?

I am currently taking a 6 week physics 2 class. I did pretty bad on the first test (only 3 in the class). I have a lot of personal stuff going on in my life right now and stress got the best of me (plus it has been 6 yrs since I took Physics 1). Now I have an issue. The highest grade I could get in this class (if I am deemed worthy of a miracle) is a B. Now this may sound just fine, but a B will drag my GPA down enough that I wont be able to Graduate Magna Cum Lade. It is more likely that I am looking at a C in this class, which would hurt even more and prevent me from meeting the 2.9 overall GPA that some schools require (due to my previous transcripts averaging in).

I am a non-traditional student. My previous transcript is littered with C's a few D's and several W's. I am such a different person, now, and I cant stand to think that my whole future could hinge on this one class. I have worked really hard to maintain a 3.96 GPA over my last 45 credits. Its just hard, with a 6 week course, and all the craziness in my life right now.

Any advice? I am kind of freaking out. not to mention I will lose over $800.00. But that is nothing in comparison to not ever getting into vet school.

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I'm a non-trad who had a massive amount of W's (and a number of F's from classes I intended to withdraw from but neglected to) during my first attempt at college. On my second attempt, I had two W's.

I withdrew from a lit class because it ended up being far more writing intensive than I'd anticipated, and I attempted to take it during a very science-heavy semester. About a month in, it became apparent that with my school and work schedules being what they were, the daily five-page papers were making it impossible for me to devote any time to more pressing classes. I was leaving the house at 8 am and getting home just before 11 pm... I'm a slow writer, and it just wasn't happening. I retook the lit class over the summer and got a solid A.

I also withdrew from an aesthetics class an advisor errantly told me I had to take. I hated the class with a passion (not a philosophy fan), and when the dean contacted me a few weeks in and told me she'd happily waive my art requirement (I'd taken and aced a number of art classes already, but the advisor told me they didn't count because they were 200-level and 'too specific to confer a generalized appreciation for the arts'- what th'?) I dropped that course like a hot potato. I waffled on it initially (concerned about how it might look to the adcoms given my prior history), but at the end of the day, I decided it wasn't worth my sanity.

I addressed both W's in my explanation statement, because I wanted to make it clear that they didn't represent a reversion to old habits. (I wasn't quite so blunt about the philosophy class. ;)) I honestly don't know if having those withdrawals on my transcript hurt me or not. In my case, I suspect that not dropping them would've had an adverse effect on everything else I was taking those semesters, so I think that withdrawing was probably in my best interest.

In your case, is the physics class interfering with your ability to do well in your other classes? If not, since you think it may be possible to pull a B, it might be worth sticking it out a little longer and seeing how things go.
you might shoot an email to the admissions people at the schools youre interested to see what they think. theyre usually really nice and helpful about stuff like that.

that being said, i would get the heck out. i've been in this position twice (although neither were pre-req classes) and i didnt withdraw either time. one time i got extremely lucky and managed to pull out a B and the other time i ended up getting the bad grade because i had to much "pride" to drop the class and i didnt want to have to retake it after i'd already suffered so much (it was a required in-major class). i ABSOLUTELY should have dropped both classes, i had so much to lose over them (gotta love beng stubborn).

i dont think one class is going to keep you from not ever getting into vet school, just fyi :) not when you've done so well recently.

i think you also have to ultimately decide how much latin honors mean to you.

whatever you choose, pick one, back yourself up, and stick with it. dont second guess or wish you had done the opposite because it isn't going to change anything or make you feel any better. good luck! :)