need advice on retaking class

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Jan 6, 2011
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i am a Canadian student
last semester i took microbiology and got a D, today i just found out that it is against our university policy to allow students to re-take classes unless they received an F.
i have an appointment with an advisor at my uni. next week, but i highly doubt they will let me re-take it. it is a pre-req for me so i really don't know what to do??
any advice?

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explain to the advisory your situation, they should allow you to retake it. maybe if it is offered in the summer or something.

Or take it at another school.
May I ask which university this is?
As said before you can just take a microbiology course at another university.
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Is it possible for you to retake it through Athabasca, the online university? I know Athabasca courses usually transfer quite easily to U of C, where I go, so I would presume U of A is similar, but I don't know if U of A would allow the transfer credit if they won't let you retake it there...then again, you don't necessarily need the U of A transfer credit, because it will still count as fulfilling the prerequisite at SOME university. (Did that make sense?)
yes i contacted them, i have an appointment with an adviser next week so i will discuss that them. i hate that about Canadian universities its so unfair, they literally try to screw you over. and under no circumstances are they willing to make any exceptions. . .:confused:
and if one of the secretary's get annoyed by you they will make sure it never happens.
well if it makes you feel any better. Its the same in Ontario. lol they won't budge an inch from their policies.