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Need advice on School, Research, Etc


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Apr 29, 2010
  1. Pre-Medical
    I've posted on Non-Trad before I guess im just looking for DO perspective as well.

    Need some advice, Im active duty
    Air Force I work in Med Admin moving to Colorado Springs in Feb with my wife and son and will be there until Feb 2013 at which point im looking to seperate and go to school full time.

    Currently have a 3.8 GPA in Psych BS Online w. park U and planning to transfer all of it and finish the rest traditionally including all pre-med pre reqs.

    What are some schools I should look at to finish my BS on the East Coast? some that may have a transfer aggreement that may work for my situation? I guess i'm looking for a school that will cover all my pre-med in the degree completion and also something on the east coast, just not really sure where to start since I havent been a conventional student since High School. Lets say i finish my BS at a school in the carolinas(an area of interest) should I worry about the relationship of where i finish my degree to where i eventually want to apply to Med school?

    I grew up on the east coast and am looking to get back that way to finish my BS and also apply to med school, definitly leaning towards DO and UNE, NJ Osteo,Lincoln Memorial as well as schools in NY and PA where I grew up would be app. targets eventually. Would a good bet be to finish my BS in a state where I may first want to apply to med school?

    Also looking for recommedations on how to use my next 3 yrs wisely, since im not planning on taking the true pre med reqs until I go back to school full time after 2013 I have plenty of time for volunteer, research, etc. I want to pad my resume as much as I can over the next few yrs, the fact that i work med admin in a hospital I have a chance for shadowing etc so thats a plus.. I would like to do some research but not really sure how to start out or if it's too early to even worry about all that...Appreciate any advice
    Don't worry which school you go to to finish your bachelor's degree.

    Remember that the people admitting you to medical school are already *doctors* so caring where you did your undergrad is like an undergrad caring where you went to high school: Yes, a fancy prep school like Phillips Exeter looks nice to get into Harvard, but Benjamin Franklin Public School (made up) can get you in too.

    As for research and volunteering: Yes, do both!
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