Need advice on what steps to take

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Hi everyone. I've posted this thread on other forums before and have gotten some really great advice but since I want to get a variety of opinions I figured I would post here as well (sorry to those who are seeing it twice!). I guess I'm also a somewhat non-traditional student since I won't be applying right out of college.

Stats: (figured I would throw them all out there so you guys could get a good picture)

- taken most of the prereqs (need physics)
- did awful my freshman year and in most of the prereqs (simply was not prepared for the challenges I would face and had some seriously debilitating anxiety)
- failed a class, a few c's and 2 d's in the sciences
- upward trend beginning sophomore year, A's in all upper level science courses, dean's list these last 3 semesters and hopefully this one as well
- looks like I will be graduating with a 3.4cgpa and about a 2.8sgpa
- pretty standard EC's: volunteering here and abroad, shadowing, a few leadership positions, research in a human development lab since freshman year (now completing honors thesis)

I'm going to do a postbac next year to help boost my gpa and plan on taking the mcat at the end of the postbac next year (already got into American and waiting for replies from Hunter, Harvard, and UPenn).

My question is, do I need to be doing more? Assuming I do well in the postbac and get above a 30 on the mcat, will this be enough to get schools to look at me? Should I do an SMP after the postbac? I dont really want to but should I retake my prereqs? My ideal situation is that one more year proving that I can do well in the sciences and a good mcat score will get me in for fall 2012, but now I'm worried that maybe that isnt realistic. I have also been considering doing the one year program full time, applying to med school, and then taking classes part time during the glide year to further boost my gpa and then I can send schools those scores.

Any and all advise would be MUCH appreciated!!! Thanks all!