Jul 30, 2014
Hello everyone!

I need to make a decision here and need your advice!

Has anyone taken DAT three times?
I have already taken DAT twice but got low scores on both DATs.
Because of the low scores, I hesitated to apply this year but ended up applying a few dental schools this past month thinking there might be a chance if I retake the DAT.

I took the Second DAT this Summer and was going to retake the DAT in OCT or November and send the scores but I am having a real problem on concentrating. I was really disappointed on my last score and got tired of studying. I am not sure if I will be able to get a higher score. Since this will be my last chance, I really need to get a good score but I am losing confidence.. I think I will be too nervous to take it.
My other problem is that I am looking for a job right now so it's really hard to focus on studying.

Should I get a job first and then study for DAT later? In this case, I will have to give up going to dental school next year and wait until next year to apply dental school.
Or should I just try to study and take the DAT in November?

Right now I am just doing both.. sending my resumes around and studying for a few hours each day but I know I need to put more hours on studying..
My situation is complicated and I am losing hope to go to dental school here.

I would appreciate any kind of advice you can give me.
Thank you!
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May 20, 2014
no don't apply for dental school in November. I would say take a break, and relax before you decide you want to take the DAT again. The stress can kill you, mentally, but just take a break. Give it some time, find yourself a job, and in January start studying for the DAT. Take the DAT in May and you will be good. Notice I gave you a 4 month span (Jan-April) to study for the test. So that is above what is recommended. Noticing that your first two scores were low, I recommend you sit down and set your sight on dental school and nothing else. When I studied for the DAT, my hair and beard were the longest they've ever been. I didn't make time for anyone besides my laptop and Chad (Chad's videos). Greatest idea I've had in my life which helped me achieve a high enough score to apply and receive a few interviews so far. Just relax now, rushing it is not going to help.
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Apr 30, 2014
I agree with hookahlungs. I am not sure what your age is or what situation your personal life is in, but if you are pretty young (just graduated college) and you desperately need a job, then I would recommend just trying to pick up a job where you might be able to study on the side. As an example, I know a lot of premed students work late hours in the library at my school, because they pretty much get paid to sit there and study with minor interruptions. Another example would possibly be working late nights at a gas station, where you might be able to study on the side.

After taking the DAT twice, I feel like you were probably just going about studying the wrong way. Just because someone sinks a lot of time into studying doesn't mean they are doing it efficiently. I would recommend using chad's religiously for both GC and OC. Take notes that are meticulously word for word with what he says. Go buy some 4X6 index cards and on his organic sections print out his reactions. Write them on the index cards, including any rxns with mechanisms because pretty much any mechanisms he shows you could show up on the test. Using chad's the right way, it is easier to do well on organic and gen chem than on bio and math in my opinion. Always go through his quizzes right after the video, then do the same quizzes the next day before you do new videos. Then once you complete the program you can randomize quizzes for each section. Do this, then you are ready to implement Destroyers.

Most of retention is repeatedly breaking down how something works, not necessarily repeatedly seeing it. I believe in you, as I believe anyone can get a 20+ AA on the DAT if they go about it the right way. But if I were you, I wouldn't reapply until you have anchored down that 20AA by next summer.

I would actually shoot to retake in january because if you don't do well that time then you can still do it again by may (although you would have to fill out that special application for a 4th take, but people HAVE done that before)

Again, I know nothing about you and your personal life, a lot of my advice will be useless if you are in need of a serious, career style job. Just know that its always possible if it is what you really want. People who are 10 years out of college change up their entire lives and each year you hear about a few 30-35 year old people who are going to dental school. It is always there if it is really what you want to do