Feb 3, 2015
Medical Student
Hi all I'm a nontrad student and just got my MCAT score... and honestly I don't know what to do...

-Undergrad GPA = 3.5
-Pharm.D. GPA = 3.92
-MCAT 2015 = 497 (PS 125, CARS 122, BIO 125, PSYCH 125)

-4 LOR -- 1 from my undergrad chem professor, 1 from my pharm school professor (also research faculty member), 1 from anesthesiologists whom I had shadowed for a while, 1 from a pediatrician whom I had shadowed for a while as well (and i also volunteer at a clinic with him helping uninsured patients)

-I come from an underserved background - so I applied as a disadvantageous status - and I was considered a minority back in my country

I have a lot of EC
-shadowed those 2 physicians
-extremely active in my church (nursing home visits, shelter visits, teaching younger youth... etc.)
-was extremely active during college -- was in Tau Sigma Honors society, Pharmacy societies, mobile meals for nursing homes, also i was in Rho Chi (a pharmacy honors society top 20th percentile of the class), i taught younger classes infectious diseases and GI disorders
-i was top 10th percentile of my graduating PharmD class
-I volunteered during college at a community clinic that serves uninsured patients.. and when i moved back home I also found another community clinic that serves uninsured patients that i currently volunteer at (with the pediatrician whom I've mentioned before)
-I'm a pharmacist... so I have worked community pharmacy outpatient and currently I'm a clinic pharmacist at a hospital... so i round with physicians all the time and have a lot of clinic hours

my only concern is the MCAT.... I have always been working full-time -- so studying for this mcat had to be after I got off work...

Does anyone have any recommendations for me? do I have a chance?

You have similar stats to me when I applied last year. The MCAT is what will make it difficult as you probably already know. You have a chance at DO schools if you are interested in the osteopathic approach. I do not think that you have a shot at any MD schools since 31 was the average last year for accepted students. Your mcat is about a 22-23. If you started filling out aacomas already I think you are not too late for the DO cycle. My recommendation is to retake the MCAT and reapply next year. You will have a better shot at the DO schools and have a chance at some MD schools if you get 505+. You can definitely score much higher with how well you have performed in school. If you want any suggestions on how to prepare just send me a message (I went from 50th percentile on the old mcat to the 85th on the new one)