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Nov 12, 2010
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I need feedback about my chances of getting in rentals and where.
So I did my first year at a community college because of financial reasons then transferred to a university and graduated with a business in 2007. I was taking my prerequisite at the same time but had to stop in order to move home. I then finished up my prerequisites at a cc. I have a low DAT and will be retaking this summer. I have applied twice and been denied. I am being denied because of my DAT or because of my cc courses? I can't afford to do an official post-bac or masters so what are my choices.


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Feb 3, 2007
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both. most schools dont like to see any prereqs or a majority of science courses done at a CC. They also are looking at 20+ DAT now. Maybe take a couple extra science courses at a University and 20+ DAT and you'll be ok.


You denied because of both. You have no chance of getting into any dental school if you not wiiling to do a post-bac or master or retake those pre-reqs course at a University and also retake that DAT. Dental school HATE community college courses since they think CC are no where near as challenging as university and a low DAT certainly would make the situation even worse.
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