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Dec 2, 2008
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Hi folks,

I'm new to the boards here and wanted to thank you all for contributing to this wonderful website.

My question pertains to what qualifies as "science/math GPA" and how PharmCAS obtains your numbers. I searched the forums for this but I didn't find anything that addressed my question directly.

I have a BSEE and have completed a ton of math and science courses. The early ones I did very well in (mostly A's and B's, 1 C), and I believe these are the ones that qualify for prepharm. Some of the later math and science classes I struggled with and pulled C's.

If we were to look at ALL of my math and science courses combined, the GPA would be subpar, however, if we look at ONLY the prepharm requirements, I pulled around a 3.6. My cumulative GPA for all 4 years is 2.86. Do pharm schools place more emphasis on your recent grades and your prepharm grades? Or are they going to take ALL my classes and pigeonhole them into one "math and science GPA" even though they were for a different program?

EE was an absolute 4 year nightmare and every quarter was a struggle. In your experiences will the admins see past this and give my more recent, successful work more weight?

Thanks in advance!

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