May 6, 2012
Hi Everyone! I'm about to start my first semester of graduate school but I have yet to officially decide between attending Columbia and Stony Brook. Here is a list of the pros and cons of each school that I have to consider. My background is a debt-free student that just graduated undergrad from a NYC public school. Finances are not really an issue, although they are something to consider for the future depending on whether it's worth it to shell out a certain amount of money for a specific program. My goals for the future are to become involved in healthcare policy and management and get involved in a higher-level executive position where I can manage a hospital, agency, organization, etc. I want to pursue both an MPH and MBA (possibly a PhD or JD in the far future as well).

Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia for MPH in Sociomedical Sciences (2 year program)
Pros -- good reputation in public health, can be commuted to using public transportation, location in NYC is ideal for work and connections
Cons -- expensive (75-85K for 2 years in total), one degree (MPH)

SUNY Stony Brook for MPH/MBA Program in Health Policy and Management concentration (2.5 year program)
Pros -- cheap in-state tuition (total of about 45-50k for 2.5 years in total), TWO degrees (MPH and MBA), easy to commute to using public transportation
Cons -- location is out in Long Island (hard to work at the same time since commute is deeper), program lacks name + reputation in both the MPH and MBA field, not recommended to go for MBA straight out of undergraduate school

I live close to both schools -- but one is in NYC, and the other is out in Long Island which will pose a difference in my ability to access work positions. Finances are not really an issue, although I'm taking it account. My biggest concern is whether Stony Brook's programs are reputable enough to pursue. The price and time frame are good, but its name is lacking.

Given these stats, which program would you pick if you were in the same position?

Thanks for any assistance or input on the matter! :)