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Oct 29, 2002
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I am a 4th year AFHPSP and the reality of not probably not getting the residency that I want is sinking in. So question for current military interns-- Did any of you guys put a second choice? Some have said that its the worst idea ever, it makes you look uncommitted to your first choice, etc.
What do you guys think about this? I'd be interested in hearing anyone else's opinion on this as well....

In short, I am not very excited at the prospect of trying to start residency three years from now after a GMO/FS tour. My second choice would be FP and I think the IFB had something ridiculous like 40 spots making it very possible for me to get that residency. FM is something that I would be satisfied getting and doing as a profession. (especially bc I took time off after college dont relish the thought of 2+ more years lost before I complete my residency and start a family)

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Jan 9, 2006
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I was in your exact position last year, thinking that there was no way I would ever get what I wanted. This also happened to a friend of mine two years ago. We both decided to say screw the odds, and stick to our guns. We both ended up missing out the first time through, accepting an "unassigned" transitional year spot, and winging it during internship. He got accepted during his internship, and all signs point to the same for me this year (at least according to the PD and Assoc. PD).

So I guess what I"m saying is, don't give up. The numbers requirements aren't always the same in the military as for civilian programs. I can guarantee you that neither my friend nor I would even have gotten an interview on the outside. I am ready to take a year or two out as a GMO and "work my way in" if that's what it takes, but you definitely have to show them you are committed to a goal. Especially if you see yourself as sort of an underdog.


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Dec 12, 2003
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You can read my previous post on my opinion. I would tend to agree that adding a second choice may make it look like you are unsure about your first choice. I have actually come to the conclusion that I would rather do my four years as a Flight Surgeon and then enter residency. In your case, the military may be the best time to start a family. After all, you can't be deployed for many months while pregnant and after birth. Also you can save up money now because you know you won't get paid much in residency. I know it sucks if you aren't selected (After all, I was non-selected twice already), but being a FS/GMO definetley has its advantages. Hope it all goes well. Good luck.

P.S. I maybe applying to the JSGME this year also (Just so I can set the record for most consecutive non-select) :laugh: ;)
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