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Need Help with ICO RC Assignment!!!

Discussion in 'Optometry' started by SimpleS, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. SimpleS

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    Feb 17, 2008
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    Hello everyone. My fiance and I are going to ICO this Fall 2008. We requested to share a double room together at the RC, but Student Services told us that unless we can give them names of people who wouldn't mind having a coed suite, my fiance and I will most likely be put in separate rooms. Is there anyone (male or female) staying at the RC this Fall that wouldn't mind sharing a suite with my fiance and myself. My fiance and I would like to share a double room, so we need the permission of the adjacent room's occupant(s) in order to do this. Please PM me for any details so we can get acquainted (via myspace, email, phone calls, etc.). I will list our RC roommate questionnaire choices here. PLEASE WE NEED HELP!!! Thank you so much!!!

    RC Questionnaire

    usually go to bed 11pm-1am
    usually get up 7am-9am
    we don't smoke
    we mind if roommate smokes indoors
    we don't drink alcoholic beverages
    we usually study in the afternoon and/or evenings
    we prefer to study in our room, study lounge, or library
    our room is somewhat clean (during school, very clean on breaks)
    we prefer room temp to be cold (chose cold over warm or hot)
    characteristics: outgoing, friendly, patient, serious
    we listen to many types of music (via earphones so not to bother people)

    :::ranking section::in order of importance (becasue we HAD to rank them)
    1. I would prefer a roommate who does not frequently watch television or play video games in our room.
    2. I would prefer a roommate who has a similar sleep schedule to my own.
    3. I would prefer a roommate who likes the room the same temp as me.
    4. I would prefer a roommate who never, or only seldom drinks alcoholic beverages. (we don't mind as long as they are responsible)
    5. I would prefer a roommate who will wish to keep our room very clean and organized. (as long as the mess doesn't dirty my side up ;))
    6. I would prefer a roommate who does not frquently study in our room. (don't mind at all)

    Thanks everyone. Please PM me if you have any questions!!!!

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