Need help with my sociology research project idea

Dec 4, 2020
Madison, Wisconsin
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So I have to do my own sociology research project and I would love to do mine on a topic associated with medicine or healthcare. I am struggling to think of something though that I would be able to do.


  • If I do a survey, the only people I can use are other college students, so comparing age will not work
  • My school is primarily white and therefore doing a study that compares race will not work
  • The income levels at my school don't range too much, so comparing income levels will also be hard
Potential Interests:
I would love to do something about the trust/distrust in medicine/physicians/healthcare system
  • I could relate this to covid and if that has changed people's ideas...
  • I could ask about their trust before covid or after covid....
  • I could ask if they themselves had covid they had a close friend or family get covid and it's severity
Not sure about if this would work, but any and all ideas and suggestions are welcome!


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Aug 7, 2018
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Do you have to collect your own data or can you use historical data?

There's a lot of data collected by the NIH, CDC, ect. that look at populations who get contract COVID and their outcomes. You could look at things like geographic locations of these individuals and how their social economic status may different compared to likelihood of getting sick, being hospitalized, getting vaccinated, ect.

If you have to do a survey of some sort and you want to get a larger population, you can always try posting on Reddit or something to get more people to take it. Obviously your data might not be super accurate but it would widen your audience range.
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