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Apr 9, 2004
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Hello, my name is Nadia. I recently moved to the U.S. from Russia and I had completed 4 1/2 years of medical school when I left Russia.

I am now looking for a way to get into Medical School and reuse some of my education from Russia without starting all over again.

I am looking for an organization, a consultant, or someone that can point me in the right direction. Applications for the fall semester are due now and I am unsure of which way to go. I am also curious if I could apply for a Masters Degree in Biology and then proceed from there into Medical school.

I have thought of some options, but I am not sure which ones I can pursue:

1. Start from the beginning with a Bachelor?s
2. Complete a Bachelor?s degree hoping that the school will at least transfer 60 of credits.
3. Go into a Master's program if I can find a school that will accept my Bachelor's from AACRAO.
4. Find a post-baccalaureate pre-medical program. ? I don?t know much about this one.

I had my transcripts evaluated by Foreign Consultants INC, a member of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) association. Foreign Consultants INC evaluated and translated my transcripts and I received a bachelor?s degree in Medical Science with a GPA of 3.81, but I am wondering if I will be able to use the Bachelor?s that I received from AACRAO.

I have contacted some of the medical schools in the area and they tell me that they need 90 college credits to be completed in the U.S. for acceptance.

I have heard a lot about pre-medical schools and how they prepare you for medical schools. I am scared to enroll into a pre-medical college and then have the medical school not accept my Bachelors.



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Aug 7, 2000
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Hi Nadia and welcome to SDN,

That's a tough one. I really think that you should go back to the med school you talked to hear. Bring them all your transcripts and everything you have done academically and see what they say you should do.

The college system here is different. We don't have pre-med college. We just get a 4 year degree in any major that interests us. To apply to med school here, you will need a bachlor's degree from a 4 year program, and the required pre-med courses and the MCAT.

In my opinion, it seems like if you have a degree then you wouldn't need to get another one. It seems like you would be able to take the courses required to enter medical school here, such as general chemistry I and II with labs, Organic I and II with labs, English - 1 year, General biology I and II with labs, Physics I and II with labs. Have you had any of those classes yet?

You will also have to take the MCAT here as well as the required courses.

I may have the name of someone that may be able to help you. She costs money though, but she may be able to help you. I would suggest you emial her and see if she has any knowledge about your situation.

Judith J. Colwell, MA
Medical School Admissions Consultant
Tel: 650.888.9477
Email: [email protected]

Good luck!!!!
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