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Jun 28, 2007
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    I go to a community college in Southern California, expecting to transfer to a UC (UCLA hopefully) with a Life Science major (Physiological Science).

    A lot of people do this community college transfer thing and so far I'm getting through with my first year. However, I wasn't able to take as many of my preparatory classes needed for transferring this past year. Basically, I absolutely need the following classes completed prior to my transfer next year.

    Organic 1 with lab
    Organic 2 with lab
    Biology 1 with lab
    Biology 2 with lab
    Biology 3
    Calc 2

    Any class I do not finish thereafter, I will need to take at UCLA. Keep in mind that these classes are all lower division classes.

    I will not have time to finish the following by the time I transfer, and will have to finish these at UCLA undergrad...

    1 year of physics
    Biology 4 (Genetics)

    Would it be wise to just wait an extra year at the community college, and finish these classes there?

    I have come to a conclusion that if I do this, the benefits of doing this include..
    -Cheaper classes
    -Higher grades (community college classes is def easier than UCLA)
    -Can prepare for MCAT so I can take it the following summer prior to my transfer to UCLA
    -Better understanding of material where I can get one on one time with the professor (smaller classes at community college)
    -Will only have to finish upper division classes at UCLA which will take 2 more years
    -Can take MCAT again after completing a year at UCLA

    The negative aspects of staying a third year to finish physics, bio chem, and bio 4
    -Very depressing (its a community college you know...)
    -Only need those classes for my major, will have all GE's done and Honors program done

    What would you do? Is anyone hear at UCLA with a science major right now? How's the Physics and Life Science series at UCLA? Is it difficult to adapt to UCLA classes coming from a community college?

    I originally came to this community college because I'm out of state. It takes me a year to gain residency in California, plus it was extremely hard for me to get into UCLA as an out of state student. So I decided that a community college will help me transfer, and so far, I don't regret doing it. (plus I save a ton of money on tuition, because out of state students pay a lot more)

    My goal is to get into a med school in California, and that's going to be hard. Would medical schools like physics to be done at UCLA or do they not even care? Please help me out. I know I threw a lot of questions out, but if you can answer just one of these many questions, I would really appreciate it.
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