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Sep 3, 2002
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i was browsing through some anesthesiology program websites and found out that most programs require that we do a year of training prior or additional to our residency. what does that mean? and what kind of training do they require? Also, what is the CA-1? is it the same thing as PGY-1?
i am all confused. Initially, i thought that MS4 can match into anesthesia directly. seems like some programs only take PGY-2?


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Jul 5, 2003
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Some simple answers:

CA-1 = Clinical Anesthesia year 1 = PGY-2 (post graduate year 2)
Your internship counts as your PGY-1 year.

Programs that state they only take PGY-2 candidates are simply stating that they don't have a categorical or integrated internship to offer the medical student candidates and that the students are responsible for applying to a transitional year or internship in surgery, FP, IM, etc.

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