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Discussion in 'Radiology' started by eastMD511, Jun 1, 2008.

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    I'm interested in rads and it's basically been a last minute decision. Anyways, I'm hoping it's not too late to set up elective time for next year. I think I will have more to gain by doing at least one (maybe 2?) research elective so that when interview time comes I can say I've done rads research at the very least. I think it will also make it much easier to get a solid LOR from a research elective than an actual clinical elective where I stare and nod my head up and down while being absolutely $hite clueless as to what's going on. Besides showing enthusiasm I'm not sure how I would impress an attending on a rads elective.
    I'm also not completely familiar with how integral research is in the whole scheme of things for matching.

    For what it's worth:
    Step 1: 243
    No AOA or clinical honors yet, still a couple to go
    Worked on a couple non-rads research projects, but none were fruitful enough to get published.
    Good extracurricular involvement.

    Help...anyone? :)
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    You know that question you've seen on the shelf exams and Step 2 prep that offers 4 or 5 treatment options and then down at the bottom is "reassurance?" Well, that's where you fall. Research is nice, but not a requisite, especially given your Step 1 score. Even a radiology letter is nice, but again, not required.

    If you're a rational person that isn't difficult to work with and don't have other problems with your application that you don't mention, you should have no problem interviewing and matching.
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