Need serious advice regarding Postbacc vs. MS decision.


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May 22, 2020
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Hello! I've applied to a bunch of post-bacc programs (no SMPs), and also waiting on more offers. I'm having a really hard time figuring out which program would be worth it to attend, if at all. In summary, I ****ed up a lot my first 2-3 years of undergrad, going in and out of school due to health reasons until I recovered and made a comeback in my last 3 semesters (nearly all A's) with an upward trend that brought me to my current GPA. My premed req.s are mostly B's and some C's however since I took those earlier.

Stats: ~3.50 overall GPA and BCPM GPA (137 undergrad hours w/o APs); will be taking MCAT by September in order to apply this cycle (I expect a 517+ and am very confident I can achieve that.) I've shadowed in high school (so 8 years ago), but have a good amount of volunteering experience both clinical and non-clinical, and 1+ years of research experience at a top research school.

Options: I've been accepted to WashU's postbacc program and Johns Hopkins HSI. If I take the postbacc, Undergrad GPA would rise to 3.58 maximum, but I'm interested in JHU's HSI because of the MS in Biotech I would get to do during my gap year, and specific research occurring there that I want to get my foot in the door and acquire experience in.

Questions: Which program do you recommend? (it seems people online aren't fond of JHU's Advanced Academic Programs...) Should I hurry and apply to an SMP instead? I wasn't even planning on applying this cycle until I realized due to COVID I have more time to submit an MCAT score, and that my GPA isn't even that bad. My main concern is I am only willing to do an MD program, and wish to be as competitive as possible. Should I not even apply this cycle, do 1 year of one of the programs, and then apply? Would it even make me more competitive? Pleas help, I'm lost and my stats make this a difficult decision:(.
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