Jul 17, 2009
Let me give you a little background info about myself. I am not a traditional college student. I took some time off after high school and worked full time and went to college at 21. I am a psychology major, I have been on and off about pre-med. So I have taken my pre-req's along with my psychology classes. My psychology GPA is great (3.8) and I have research experience for three years. My science GPA was fine, until Orgo happened but I was not serious about studying and not sure if medicine was what I really wanted to pursue. Last year, I realized I wanted to pursue medicine seriously, so I spent my last year only taking science classes. Let me tell you for some one who always had psychology courses, having full time science classes blew me away (I was also working part-time). Unfortuantely, my study habits for psychology were very different and it reflected in my science classes. To cut to the chase, by the time I had formed new way of studying my GPA suffered. I graduated with a overall 2.9 and probably worse for my science GPA. I have been looking at post bacc program and masters in biomedical science before I apply to medical school. But right now I am even afraid that a post bacc program will reject me for my awful grades and GPA.
Since I have graduated, I have picked up a few more science classes at a community college for the coming fall ( now I am working full time so with the scheduling I couldn't go back to my University). I don't know if it is going to help or not. But I am just looking to see if anyone has been in my situation and how did they handle it? I will be taking my MCAT in the fall. So someone please give me some advice so I can stop panicking about being rejected. And I sincerly apologize for such a long read.
Thank You.