Need some advice on course load/dropping

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Aug 13, 2008
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I am Canadian premed student who will be applying in US med schools and will be having US citizenship at that point.

Currently, I am in 4th Year BSc. Biology (GPA 3.73/No MCAT)and will be extending to 5th year to complete 2 required courses. This semester I have taken 5 courses (Intermediatary Metabolism-Biochemistry, Human Anatomy, Sports Psychology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Science Communication)
I don't have any ECs and I was planning to do that extensively in 5th year.

Now, I had epileptic seizure recently and this time I have hurt myself (now recovered). My family and I are shocked as I had last seizure 7 years ago. I am psychological affected with the event, my work has piled up and my parents won't allow me studying late nights. My plans are to drop two courses and do them later in 5th year. I had done this before in my 3rd year. Note: None of my dropped course will appear as W...transcript will only show as if I had taken 3 courses.

I would really appreciate if you guys could give some sincere advice. Thank you

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It sounds like you have it figured out. What else do you want advice on?

If you're already planning on attending school next year and taking another year to apply then it doesn't seem like it would be too much to move those 3 courses, take the MCAT, and do some volunteering/shadowing/baby saving.

In general, I'd say just take your time, make sure your app is strong, and apply early and broadly.