Aug 28, 2017
I'm finishing my undergrad in the spring and plan to take a gap year.
I am doing a mission trip from mid july to mid august.
I plan to take out about 3 months to study for the DAT.
With the time left I plan on working to save up for applications and volunteering.

Any advice on other things I can do during this time to improve my application? (worried about my low 3.3 gpa)


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Feb 17, 2017
Houston, TX
I'd say doing well on your DAT is the biggest thing at this point.

Make sure you take care of business when it comes to your classes and try to get that GPA up as much as possible. Make sure you utilize the resources you buy to study for the DAT correctly and shoot for a high score, try to balance out that GPA as said above.

If you have any questions when it comes time to start studying for it, send me a message! Very happy to help.
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Aug 29, 2006
New York
Shadow somewhere meaningful, meaning not just any old office. I have an applicant now shadowing at my hospital. We are teaching her what dentistry is all about, and the newly minted residents are involved with coaching her through the process. Since we are an educational institution, everyone is pulling for her and adding to her already strong app. It does not hurt that she is both enthusiastic and easy to teach/get along with. Although I know shadowing is only a small part of the application process, once our student is accepted, she will always have a home full of mentors/dental school faculty/board examiners to reach out to for advice. This type of connection will no doubt be useful if it ever comes up. Or....after she leaves us we may never see/hear form her again. Either way, we are all in it with her right now.
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I would begin volunteering and shadowing earlier so it doesn't look like a "last minute decision." perhaps get involved in some clubs. otherwise a good dat score will be your determinant.
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