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Need some clarification on AADSAS gpa...


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Oct 11, 2004
    Hello to all, and congrats to eveyrone who got accepted to dental schoool. I will be applying this may for the next cycle. However, i do have a misunderstanding of one of the areas of aadsas, and need some help clearing it up.
    I recently spoke to aadsas rep on how they calculate the gpas, i got several different responses from different reps. ( im am starting to get a taste of everyones love for aadsas!). What i want to know is how do they actually calculate it. I have looked at the course listing page, and have tried to match up all the listings with the classes i have taken.
    Pretty much, if a class that i have taken falls under a sci section in aadsas, is it going to count towards my sci gpa? What we input in the computer as sci/non sci/ bcp sci, is that what is used to calculate our gpa, or do they redo what we have done. sounds a bit confusing, but i would really like to know, because some easy classes i have taken at my college fall under science classes, and that would really help my gpa.
    thank you


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    5+ Year Member
    Jul 5, 2004
      If they fall under science then they will likely count torwards your Sci-GPA. You can take a semester and attend a Junior college and take all EASYscience courses and get A's in all of then to bring up your GPA. However, Adcoms are aware of grade inflation(the act of doing the above) and frown upon it. They frown. They frown hard and long, just frowning.
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