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May 6, 2020
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Hope everyone is staying safe and doing well, despite the constant changes going on. So I am a graduating senior (RIP to class of 2020 but hey we made it), and originally I thought about applying to medical school. But, with all the changes going on, and my MCAT possibly occurring late in August or even later, I wanted some insight on what others think. My current stats are as follows:

Major: Biomedical Engineer Minor: Electrical Engineering
GPA: 3.88 (Spring of 2020 grades still coming in, so hopefully it stays at this or increases)
BCPM GPA: 3.82 (finished all BCPM classes so this is it)
Clinical Service (all unpaid): 100 hours hospital volunteer, 50 hours volunteer/shadow (did more than just observe - helped with bringing in patinets) in private practice. I also got about 30-50 from a class i took, but been hesitant to consider that.
Shadowing: ~ 25 hours for two different surgeons
Research: 30 hours. Really didn't do much aside from review papers on particular Engineering imaging methods and do image analysis on images I took.
Regular volunteering : lack in this area. Did about 30 hours as a PPE assembler for hospitals

As mentioned in the title, I hope to matriculate into an allopathic medical school and obtain an MD. Personally, I thought about possible taking the extra year to work on doing more regular/non-clinical volunteering and become an EMT or ER tech (been very difficult though with COVID hindering employment) to elevate clinical hours, thus applying next cycle instead of this. This could also give me more time to study for the test. However, people were advising against this as they say it might be even more competitive. Please let me know! Thanks!
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