May 15, 2012
Hey guys and gals,

-Im currently a resident of michigan with a senior status doing my bachelors in nutrition and food science with a minor in biology.
-My cGPa is 3.23 and my sGPA is 2.7
-Planning to take MCAT at end of summer
-In the process of becoming the president and founder of a student organization involved with a lot of humanitarian work.
-Been doing clinical research through the nutrition department for almost a year now
-I have shadowed many surgeries, but not any doctors long term
-I have a few Cs on my transcript, one D, and a couple withdrawls accompanied by a couple of repeats
-I show an inconsistent trend if anything, doing well one semster and poor the next.
-I anticipate 28 or higher on MCAT and plan on applying June 1st of 2013
-What i dont have is any real volunteer work in a hospital, 1 strong letter of reccomendation , and no clinical hours in a hospital or shadowing a doctor.
-I have had close and tragic deaths in the family over my college career, which im sure many of us have had, but in my case i spent 9 months tending to a family member, sleeping in hospitals and doing my best to assist. I speak two languages, thus why it was so necesary to be around any given moment possible. This is around the time my grades started to suffer. Between sophmore and junior year.
-I have been working full time, two jobs, and to top it off in some of the most poverish and high crime areas in the united states my whole college career.

I think thats everything i can say for my self.

My question is now that i have three semsters left of undergraduate and things are coming to a close... i dont feel competitive at all and i dont think i really should be feeling competitive. What do i have to do from here? What should i be making priority as time keeps ticking? These are Some of the questions ive been askign my self along with many more such as... Should i be looking into a post-bac? should i wait on the MCAT? Should i try and repeat more courses or take more sciences? I am at a cross roads and am starting to loose hope only due to the fact that i have no real guidance. Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank You!