Need some reassurance about my fall course load

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Mar 23, 2001
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Ok, I know I have posted this before I am really getting nervous. I start the most academically demanding semester of my life so far this monday I am scared to death. I am taking Organic Chem 2, the lab for Organic, physics 1, functional A&P 1, and athletic training for a total of 17 hours. I know it is a lot, but keep thinking I can do it. Yet all I get when I tell people what I am taking is "are you crazy" and "you are gonna die". I realize it is hard but it is what I must do at this point. I see it as 1 semester of hell so that I wont be here next summer or for another year. So if anyone has any more positive words of encouragement out there I would appreciate them at this point. :confused: :eek:

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Well, I hope this is encouraging. I am quite familiar with your schedule, because it was basically my sophomore year in college. First semester I took Human Anat&Phys I, Orgo I, Phys I, Cross Cultural Human development, and a literature course, and second semester I took Anat&Phys II, Orgo II, Orgo lab, Phys II, and a theater class. It was a tough schedule, I won't lie, but I made it through without too much trouble. Just do your best, and realize this is a real good prep for med school.
This sounds like my last year. I did almost the same thing. Orgo I, Physics I plus the labs for both of those, and Immunology for fall and Orgo II (sorry to those who hate the orgo abrreivation), Physics II and Physiology. Only 13 and 14 credits, but that was in addition to taking care of my two kids, plus volunteer time at a free health clinic and cancer center.

Word of advice DO NOT GET BEHIND. Once you lose your footing and start to slip behind in any class, you will forever be behind. There will be no catching up.

Make yourself a schedule with all your classes and deceide how much studying each class is going to require each night. Try to stick to your schedule so that you don't study more for one class and let the others suffer.

Each weekend reevalute your schedule to make sure the times allocated are still working. If one class is easier then shift some of its time to the other classes.

Good luck. :D :D
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Thanks for the encouragement guys. Basically everyone I have spoken to that has hada similar schedule has told me that they failed at least one of the classes, mainly organic 2...but I digress. I am going to keep up with it best I can and try to volunteer. This is why I quit work so hopefully this will all not be for nothing.
Now, I have the personality for this type of thing, and it is NOT for everyone, but here is what I did this past spring when I had a brutal academic schedule:

My first class was at 7am, and from that point on I went straight through to 5 with a combo of orgo, bio, and calculus. I did this every day.

My secret to doing well was waking up every morning at 4:15am to review for the day. Something about early-morning studying made it so much more efficient than doing it at night, when I was already overwhelmed by all the classes from the day. Plus, you don't get many distracting phone calls at that hour. It's nice and peaceful and you get really far ahead for your classes since you have "previewed" the info beforehand.

And if you don't get into med school, your pineal gland is primed and ready for a career as an early-morning weatherman or some such occupation!