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Oct 9, 2006
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Hello Guys, I am not a pre-dental or dental student, but I have a question for you guys, maybe you can shed some light on this issue. I have a friend in a class who just came from South Korea 11 months ago; he has a bachelor's degree in civil or mechanical engineering, i cant recall, but its one of those two. Anyways, he wants to attend dental school and is unsure of which path to take. Does he need to complete a bachelor's here and get all of the pre-reqs in order to apply to US Dental Schools? He took the year of bio, chem and of course physics and a semester of o-chem back in Korea, but he was wondering if dental schools will approve/accept the credit from his home university. So should he just get credit from courses taken overthere, take the remaining ochem, plus a few other courses and apply, or should he just get another degree from a U.S. School? Thanks Guys!



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Jan 9, 2007
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Your friend needs to research the schools he is most interested in because schools can vary in their requirements.

For example, UIC only accepts the US DAT & requires that all pre-requisites be done at a US college/university. They also very heavily favor in state applicants. That is my state school, so that is how I know that.

But your friend should put in the time to know what the different schools require or else he'll end up wasting time/money.


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Mar 2, 2006
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My wife had some of her pre-requisites completed at a foreign institution. Some med schools said outright that she would need to re-take them and some said they would be fine. As the other person said, it all depends on the school.

If your friend took english classes abroad generally schools will have you take the TOEFL and have a minimum requirement for that. Most schools will probably ask that you re-take any english pre-requisites.

Call and find out.
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