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Dec 19, 2008
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I heard about a book called "Notes from the Mothership" case you haven't heard of it, it's a book by an ex-nurse who worked at the Cleveland Clinic for over twenty years and is essentially a collection of her notes on egomaniacal doctors and administrators preying upon innocent nurses like the author, all dressed up in a Oprah-friendly "spiritual" mishmash. Apparently the book is doing quite well which is good since the Cleveland Clinic gave her the boot.

But hearing about this got me thinking, can you imagine how much dirt we can dish as residents about nurses? I mean, I'm only halfway through my intern year as a surgical resident and the things I've seen nurses say or do up to this point, including my medical student years, are astounding... we're talking New York Bestseller material. And if we cross the battle-lines and ask our equally abused internal medicine colleagues, we'd probably have even more! But of course we don't do it...I mean, with the exception of the House of God, none of us really have the meaness (or the guts) to lay it all out there.

While I agree there are some awful attendings and residents out there, the fact is that there are some absolutely heinous lifer-nurses out there who love to vote "yes" on strikes and couldn't give a crap about their patients outside of their twice a shift vital checks. Anyone who has been a part of the "thin white line" at a Veterans Administration hospital, etc. can attest to this. But for the sake of karma, our careers, and generally b/c we're too busy for this bs - the public will never hear about it, much less in a bestselling book. Alright, I'm off the soapbox now....:smuggrin:


You might have tons of "dirt" but do you really want to stoop to that level? I can tell you that unless it directly involves the health of one of my patients, I am the least confrontational surgeon that I know. I just don't have time (or the lack of professionalism) to engage in this stuff. Rise above this and try to concentrate on getting the best that you can from everyone that is involved in the care of your patients. Anything outside this is largely a waste of time.
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