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Aug 14, 2020
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Hi, Everyone! I’m a Nicu Fellow looking to get advice on how to study for Neonatology Boards. I just took the SITE exam and felt it was really hard. I would love to have some insight on how to plan studying and what resources to use? Is Brodsky the best review book? Do we have other question sources ? Did you guys use any text book?

Looking forward to learning from you guys.

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Would also love for anyone with board experience to chime in on this!

Signed, a current fellow who has been feeling significantly more lost about boards compared with all the resources I had in residency
I've heard the Brodsky & Martin books are good for boards studying. I was also planning on doing Neoreviews questions. Beyond that, I'm not sure but also haven't looked into it that much.

Are there any question banks similar to Medstudy for peds boards?
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In 2022 the AAP sponsored two virtual review course (NeoPrep and NeoCram) and I suspect will do so in Jan/Feb 2024 as well. There are also other non-AAP courses that will come up before the next boards. If you are really looking to do "early" text book studying, I'd personally recommend going through relevant parts of Fanaroff and Martin as you have time but it's way too much to digest for this purpose so you'll need to be able to either mark it up or somehow annotate key parts. We'll see what others who've taken it more recently say.
I'm using Brodsky book and questions ( I feel it's really good). I personally feel Faranoff is too comprehensive specially with research/service requirements during fellowship. I've heard the Pediatrix also conducts a board review course. Any other sources used by people who have taken or are going to take boards next year?