1. S

    Advice on studying

    Hey everyone. I just finished OMS-1. Struggled a decent amount. Had to remediate a class fall semester and another one this past semester. Really upset about it. Questions are 1) How am I supposed to effectively study? 2) Will I still be able to match competitive specialties? Wanted Derm...
  2. I

    Relationships during Boards

    So I recently started seeing someone who I have been friends with for a while. We are both going to medical school together and are finishing up our third year. He always says how compatible we are, we also similar goals and values in terms of our career, family and goals. He always makes subtle...
  3. therandomneo

    Neonatology Boards

    Hi, Everyone! I’m a Nicu Fellow looking to get advice on how to study for Neonatology Boards. I just took the SITE exam and felt it was really hard. I would love to have some insight on how to plan studying and what resources to use? Is Brodsky the best review book? Do we have other question...
  4. C

    The ABP and changing the Board Certification process.

    Hi Everyone, My partner recently completed residency and just finished her initial board certification exam. I think this is relevant to residents and current attendings because it highlights some issues with board certification and the pressures and culture of this profession. I hope we can...
  5. K

    Last minute advice for AP boards?

    I'm taking the AP boards on the first week of the window (this upcoming Monday) and CP one week after. Any last second wisdom anyone wants to impart? I'm feeling quite chill for AP, so it's more a question of practical tips for the day or whatever.
  6. DrSatan

    Neurology Boards - do I really need to study?

    I've been studying Cheng-Ching since about PGY2. I created the Anki deck for that. Granted, I never learned child neurology or psychiatry. My RITE scores went from 63% to 72% to 74% (65th %ile among PGY4s). I had fallen behind in my studying with my most recent test but finally studied some of...
  7. D

    EM Fellowship Boards

  8. S

    Anyone with a SEEK qBank subscription?

    Has anyone bought this subscription? I can pay you for 2-3 weeks of access to only the sleep questions to prepare for my sleep boards. Please let me know here of through messaging. Thanks!
  9. Ellaji

    Other Is USMLE Step 3 going away?

    Some physician graduates have been urged to complete Step 3 before applying for internship or residency but is Step 3 going away? Since USMLE Step 2 CS has been discontinued, should USMLE Step 3 be the next board exam to be discontinued?
  10. D

    Low COMLEX wanting OB/Gyn.

    Hi all, I am hesitant to write about this because I really don't need any negativity right now, but I just received my COMLEX Level 1 score and it was way lower than I thought (under 500). I'm pretty disappointed, especially since my predicted was MUCH higher. I'm thinking of doing OB and am...
  11. TragicalDrFaust

    Dissection work study vs pre study over the summer for a low C OMS-1 interested in psych

    I’m not a good student. I’ve gotten nearly straight C and low C’s at that. I’m leaning towards giving up the dissection work study (20 hours/week) and putting my efforts towards getting some extra board study in as well as making sure I have time to relax. I didn’t take time for myself over...
  12. D

    Canadian NDEB exam prosthodontics question help!

    Hi all, I am stuck on a particular question while studying for the Canadian dental board exam, does anybody have any thoughts on this one? A survey of the master cast shows that the 3.5 and 3.7 abutments for a fixed partial denture have different paths of insertion with respect to 3.7. A...
  13. A

    B&B Dental Videos- NBDE Part 1 guidance

    Hello everyone !! I am currently studying for nbde part 1 and I’m almost done with the B&B videos. After that I’ll be doing the B&B flash cards and then keep reviewing. For Dental anatomy, I did the YouTube video with 300 dental anatomy facts. I wanted to ask if these videos and flash cards are...
  14. I

    OBGYN written baords

    Looking for advice on how to study for the ABOG written boards? Any one recommend a specific course ie. Walls or exam pros, etc? Post below or DM me. Thanks.
  15. K

    Advice on Study Resources

    Hi all, I am a second year and I'm planning to take both COMLEX Level 1 and USMLE Step 1. I currently have Kaplan, UWorld, and Sketchy subscriptions through the next year. My school got a discounted rate for AMBOSS, and I'm also interested in Firecraker and Boards and Beyond. I don't want to...
  16. K

    PEER IX Physician's Evaluation and Educational Review in Emergency Medicine Books FOR SALE

    I am an EM physician, just passed my Boards and I'm selling my PEER IX Question and Answer review books, the print companion. They are both in excellent, like-new condition. The price is $275+shipping. Description: PEER IX is the best content review and self-assessment study tool. The books have...
  17. S

    Anki for Dental Boards

    I know some people used anki to study for dental boards. Which set/flashcards did you find the most helpful! Thanks!!
  18. D

    Step Study Schedule - Looking for adivce

    Hey everyone! So I just took NBME 20 last week (provided by my school) and I was pleasantly surprised by my grade (215). The reason I was surprised is that I have done virtually no review to date, although I have taken every block very seriously so far, scoring in the top 10 percent or of my...
  19. DrSatan

    Study resources?

    Anyone have recommendations for how to study neurology that's not just read up on your patients? I have a localization book that has basic information on diseases as well, but I don't do well just reading to learn. Are there any good flashcards or question banks people use? I'm only a PGY-2...
  20. K

    selling big blue

    Selling Big Blue! All 3 volumes for $100! Gently used for written anesthesia boards review.
  21. M

    Is internal medicine

  22. BlueBee20

    boards resources - ovewhelmed

    hello all - looking for advice! i've just begun second year and all anyone talks about anymore is BOARDS. please help me decide what to throw my cash at as far as resources go! i understand UFAPS is where it's at. i will be getting UWORLD 6 months, i have first aid, i plan to get sketchy, and...
  23. CoolCat53

    Can you make up for Low COMLEX 1 with COMLEX 2?

    So I scored pretty low on COMLEX 1 (under 500) and was wondering if I should bust my butt during my third year and take Step 1 to make up for it (which is extremely difficult in itself) or if I should just focus on COMLEX 2 and try and do really well on it. Say I get upper 500s or above, will...
  24. C

    Recertification needed for job?

    Hey all, I have been working at a VA in California for the last couple years. I am wondering if I will need to take a re-certification board exam in a few years. No one has said anything about boards, and I never received a contract with information about it being required to maintain...
  25. I

    Future for med school after dismissal?

    I go to a DO school and have failed the COMLEX twice with a 375 the first time and a 393 the second time. I took it for the third and final time yesterday and came out feeling like I bombed. If I don't pass this time, I will get dismissed from school. I was getting 70s and 80s on combank, and...
  26. P

    Dermpath Boards Studying

    Anyone recently taken the DP subspecialty boards care to weigh in on advice for studying? Books used? Courses? Was it harder than you thought or easier? Advice appreciated!
  27. D


    I really need help deciding whether I should push back my STEP 1 date. NBME 15 baseline (50 days ago)- 150, NBME 17 (33 days ago)- 173, USMLE free test ( 17 days ago)- 63 percent (conversion of this correlates to 185), NBME 16 (4 days ago)- 196. I am 75 percent through UWORLD first pass...
  28. N

    2019 Oral boards study partner

    anyone scheduled for spring oral ABEM boards interested in a Skype/FaceTime partner for case review?
  29. T

    IAUPR Boards preparedness

    How much responsibility does an optometry school or any professional school bare in preparing their students to pass national boards??? Why am I asking. Few weeks ago there was a debate online from IAUPR about who bares the blame for low board pass rates and when I saw low I mean 40% for NBEO...
  30. P

    Did anyone have a bad CCS experience and still pass?

    Did anyone have a bad CCS experience and still pass? It would help me a lot to know that other people had issues solving multiple cases and maybe ran out of time. Any help would be much appreciated.
  31. B

    Licensing Eligibility Involving Expungement

    Hello all, and thanks for taking the time to check out my post. I am applying to dental school, but I have some demerits going against me that I wanted to clear up before making any big decisions. Most dental school applications ask a question along the lines of: Have you ever been convicted...
  32. D

    US grads using NBEO in Canada (BC)

    Hello everyone, So I’m in my 4th year in a US optometry school wanting to return home to Ontario to work. I really don’t want to pay 6,000 dollars to take the OEBC when the NBEO can be used as it’s equivalent in BC and Montreal and is required to graduate anyways. Can somebody please help...
  33. E

    Recent Firecracker review?!

    Has anyone used Firecracker recently who can comment on how they liked it? I feel like given my learning style I would enjoy it but at the same time I have never used pre-made flashcards before and do not know if I would like that aspect. Any comments on the program would be appreciated.
  34. D

    To Take the USMLE or Not To Take the USMLE ...

    I'm an OMS-II now, gearing up to study for the upcoming COMLEX/USMLE. At this point, I am planning to take the USMLE. However, yesterday, an Instagram famous DO physician with almost a following of 40K posted on her story about how DO students should just stick with taking one exam, especially...
  35. E

    Suggestion of using a Q bank during MS1?

    I am going to be an incoming student this fall and am trying to decide which q bank to use to supplement studying for classes/start prepping for board style questions. I just did a Masters program where I took anatomy, physiology, pharm and other classes I will be pretty much repeating during...
  36. DentalRose

    NBDE part 1 ANATOMY resource question

    Hello all! I'm taking the NBDE part 1 soon, and I've learned that Anatomy is my weakest section. I've gone through First Aid, the NBDE mastery app, and some old tests. I don't have the $ for dental decks. I am wondering whether anyone has any good resources that goes over the Anatomy section...
  37. C

    Big Blue, Big Red, Ranger Red for sale

    Selling: - Ranger Red 10th edition with audio MP3 player. Untouched - I ran out of time and decided to use UBP instead -Big Blue 26th edition, all 3 volumes. Used but no markings on pages -Big Red 26th edition. Used but no markings on pages All listed for $595 on Dr. Jensen’s website. Will...
  38. B

    NBDE Part 1 Mastery App or Dental Decks???

    Hi everyone! I have my NBDE Part 1 coming up on June 27th and started studying today. I recently purchased the NBDE Part 1 Mastery app and am considering purchasing the dental decks. I have heard really great things about the app and have heard from multiple sources that the app and old exams...
  39. B

    NBDE Part 1 Mastery App or Dental Decks???

    Hi everyone! I have my NBDE Part 1 coming up on June 27th and started studying today. I recently purchased the NBDE Part 1 Mastery app and am considering purchasing the dental decks. I have heard really great things about the app and have heard from multiple sources that the app and old exams...
  40. P

    Michigan Pharmacist Licensing- Boards Eligibility Timeline

    Does anybody know how long it usually takes for the MI state board to process your pharmacist application and verify your eligibility to sit for the boards? I submitted my application a long time ago, yet it still says "eligibility requested" on the NABP website. According to the MI health...