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Dec 4, 1998
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I need some help.
I have already gone through the early match and have my PG2-4 set in Califonia. It is at an ACGME or MD program.
I had planned on doing a traDitional year at an osteopathic hospital that is not ACGME approved. It is the same thing as a tranSitional year, except it not an ACGME approved program.
From the information I have been able to get it, it seems like future board certification and subspecialty certification is a problem because the American Board of Neurologist & Psychiatrists will not allow students who do this to take their test. They require that ALL the post grad training be at ACGME approved programs,

I want to practice Neurology in Southern California and think that being osteopathically boarded in this community is a problem.

I know that the anesthesiology boards do not have this same requirement.

Do you think I can get a job in a community with a tiny amount of DOs, if I am not boarded by one of their peer groups?

How important is being board certified?
Is being osteopathically board certified satisfactory?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Mar 11, 2003
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You should check the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology website to see whether an AOA internship is acceptable.


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Jun 17, 2001
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You definitely need to do ACGME or even a dually accredited ACGME/AOA internship year. I know some classmates who are entering into neurology. The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology will not accept an AOA accredited internship and thus unable to sit for the boards. It looks like you will have to find an ACGME (or AOA/ACGME) approved prelim or transitional year. An open prelim medicine position shouldn't be hard to find.

Good Luck!


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Apr 25, 2003
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pacific hospital in long beach, ca has a transitional year that i'm fairly sure is dually accredited. arrowhead regional in colton, ca does too i think.
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