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May 14, 2008
Resident [Any Field]
I am a recent IMG and I'm seriously considering obtaining a masters in neuroscience before applying to a neurology residency in the states, which leaves me with many questions:
1. How useful is having a masters degree when applying for residency? (although this is not the main reason I want to do it, it would be reassuring to know)
2. Is staying away from clinical medicine for a year or two likely to negatively affect my application for residency?
3. Are there any programs that are more clinically-oriented than others?
4. Here is my current stats: GPA 2.87, 2 pubmed-indexed publications (1-2 coming up soon), US elective rotations with recommendation letters and some decent extracurricular activities. I passed the USMLE step 2 CS and I expect to get a 99 in my step 2 CK (according to the self-assessment test . . .), I will apply for GRE soon: what are my chances of getting into a good program with this GPA ??

Thank you