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May 24, 2003
    I dont know if there are any threads out there for Neuro? Can anyone tell me about board scores? What is the academic path (Gen surg 5 years, Then fellowship? Lifestyle? Income?


    Bo Hurley

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    Dec 2, 2004
      USMLE is around 230 or so, but like with everything else you can get into a NS residency with a lower board score if your application is strong in other areas or if you've got somebody pulling some strings for you on the other end.

      You match into NS straight out of med school. Typicall the residency is around 6-7 years.

      Lifestyle: one of the worst of all medical specialties. It becomes the #1 thing in your life from day 1 of residency to the day you retire.


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      Jul 18, 2002
        Two info sources for you:

        First, try, where we all apply for the early match. There is a lot of quality info on the process, requirements, etc.

        Second, try, a student/resident forum, although watchout for the "think they're smart, funny, and almighty" MS 4's applying right now who may belittle your questions. Hang tough until a resident helps answer your inquiry.

        Most residents in other specialties, unless they have a close freind going through neurosurgical residency, have many misconceptions. E.G., while its true the training is hard, even eventual lifestyle is variable, and not always the #1 thing in your life. Do the legwork to find out about this incredible field and decide for yourself. Cheers and good luck.
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        Oct 10, 2002
        1. Fellow [Any Field]
          n=2 (med school classmates)

          1 male, 1 female

          male stats:

          step I 223

          step II: took it after the match so even though I have no idea what he scored, it can't have mattered in the selction process.

          grades: above average student, NOT AOA

          research: no real research. he did a month "research rotation" with one of the neurosurgery attendings.

          recommendations: outstanding. i really don't know what my friend did on his rotations with the NS department, but they treated him like he was a made man. He must have done something right.

          match result: matched at a state university NS program.

          female stats:

          step I: no idea but it was probably >250 since the word was that she got the second highest step I score in the class and the dean announced to the class that the highest step I score in my class was 260.

          step II: no idea

          grades: junior AOA

          research: not really sure but I know she did stuff in the NS department starting in her first year.

          match result: matched at a top , very prestigious, university program.

          TO recap what everyone has been saying about just about every field vis a vis the match.... you can get in by being a rock star, or you can get in by being liked, and having help from key people in your field of choice.

          Good luck.


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          Feb 19, 2004
          Glen Cove, NY
          1. Resident [Any Field]
            If anyone still reads this post do you know of some good places to do a neurosurgery rotation that will help if you get good letters of recommendation from them. I am currently a 2nd year and I am going to Mt. Clemens for my hospital but I have 8 weeks of true electives this year and I would like to do a month somewhere for neuro that would be a great learning experience and worthwhile if that is what I decide to go into. I was also wondering if somebody could tell me exactly what the difference is between an orthopedic spinal surgeon and a neuro spinal surgeon. I understand the differences in residency and boards, but do they do the same thing??? Thanks so much.
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