New and looking for opinions...

Clinical Shadowing Summer '22 Programs
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Nov 30, 2010
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Ok, new to the site and just looking for opinions.

That said, I'm a true non-traditional that is pursuing Medicine as a second career.

I earned a BS in Computer Science and a Master in Int'l Management years ago, and spent the last 10+ years in management in the Japanese mfg industry (Toyota, Yamaha, etc). I made a decision last year to pursue entering medical school and am currently finishing my lab sciences (never needed before) and will be taking the MCAT & applying in the Spring.

My particulars are below and I've gotten a lot of support from doctors & faculty I know but I'm wondering what others think.

BS ~10yrs ago, Masters 2 yrs later
Initial BS GPA 2.8ish, Masters 3.0; worked full-time during both
Post-bacc: 44hrs of only lab sciences; all since Jan '10

Expected Overall GPA: 2.98-3.05 (due to large # of previous hours)
Expected Science GPA: 3.5 (all since Jan '10)
MCAT: expect mid/upper-30's. Practice tests are strong and based upon SAT/GMAT should score very well.

*Have done or have arranged shadowing in: Peds ER, Orthopedic surgery, Peds Heptaology (liver tx program), Anesthesia & a DO that runs a private Pain Treatment Center.
*As a father I have adopted medical needs children, and have spent months in the hospital & hospital settings. I have the full support and offers of LOR's from several of the specialists.
*My wife is an RN, mother-in-law & Sister-in-law are both MD's (will be apply to their alum as one of my choices).

Volunteer in youth & community theater 15+ years
Heavily involved in Boy Scout leadership 7+ yrs
Extensive International volunteer work in my 20's

I know my grades leave a lot to be desired, however, I'm 35 and there is only so much I can do about my overall at this point. I didn't 'grow-up' wanting to be a doctor and it shows from when I was 20-something; this has been a 6+ year progression and has been heavily reinforced by my personal involvement in medicine as a parent.

SO>>> what are my chances everyone??

Sep 4, 2006
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Stats-wise, without a solid MCAT score it's hard to say what your chances are. My knee-jerk reflex is that DO schools are more likely to have an interest in your application, since they are so nontrad friendly, but if you really knock the MCAT score out of the park, MD is possible too.

I am hoping you plan to continue more coursework in the next term, as adcomms seem to like seeing 1.5-2 semesters of consistent excellent coursework when previous academics were relatively low. A 3.5 BCPM isn't terrific (unless it was only one-two bad grades really dragging you down), so if at all possible get more As in your last semester before applying to show an upward trend, perhaps to include upper-level Bio and Biochem if possible. Though your cGPA will be barely above cutoffs for many schools, due to your nontraditional age, adcomms are more likely to take a closer look and appreciate the true story told by your transcript. A terrific MCAT score will make sure they look hard.

EC-wise, I have a concern that you have no formal clinical experience. I have seen n=1 applicant get into med school when their clinical activity was 100% family based. Since you know some docs because of your kids, maybe ask them if you could help out in their office from time to time doing some hands-on assisting.

Your nonmedical community service looks superb, however. You've taken on a leadership role at work. You have shadowing planned which will hopefully be at least 50 hours, but closer to 60-80 hours so as to be above average.