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Jun 6, 2009
Okay, I am selling the following set of books ALL TOGETHER! No seperation possible.

Berkeley Review Organic Chemistry 1+2
Berkeley Review General Chemistry 1+2
Berkeley Review Physcis 1+2
Berkeley Review Biology 1+2

EK1001 Biology Wkbk
EK1001 General Chemistry Wkbk
EK1001 Organic Chemistry Wkbk
EK1001 Physics Wkbk
EK101 Verbal
EK Verbal Reasoning and Math Techniques

TPR Hyperlearning Verbal Wkbk (Slightly Used)
TPR Hyperlearning Verbal + Writing Review (Slightly Used)

I want to get rid of the full set for $500.00 that is including shipping! All books are BRAND NEW except the hyperlearning! Pm me if your interested.
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