MCAT Berkeley Review books - Like New - Purchased in 2016 from TBR Directly

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Jul 24, 2017
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I am looking to sell The Berkeley Review MCAT science books (Bio, Gen Chem, O Chem, & Physics) that I bought in 2016. I bought the 8 books directly from TBR.

Including shipping charges and taxes, I paid ~$300 for all the science books.

I am willing to sell them together for $200 (plus shipping), or best offer.

Books have minimal markings, some completely unmarked. Excellent condition.

The books include the following:

General Chemistry (2 books)

Organic Chemistry (2 books)

Physics (2 books)

Biology (2 books)

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I'm trying to get an idea of what used BR books go for. Did these ever sell at that price, or did you have to lower the price to sell them?

I want to have the page that suggests used prices be as accurate as possible, and it seems like I didn't fully grasp how much their resale value went down.