New CCOM students

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Dec 29, 1999
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not to copycat the posting by OldManDave, but i like his idea....I am looking forward to to meeting all of you at orientation in august, i'd like to get to know a bit about everyone now. Anyone interested, make a post below and tell a bit about yourself, where you're from, and maybe where you did your undergraduate work at.

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I will be going to CCOM next fall. I am from San Jose, CA and did my undergraduate at UC Davis. I am really excited about moving out to Chicago.
I will be off to CCOM, as well! I'm from Indianapolis and I can't wait to move up to Chicago. I'm finishing up my last year of undergrad--at a tiny, liberal arts school--and I'm counting the days until I graduate! Does anyone know if there's any way the school will provide us with a list of potential roommates (for living off-campus)? Can't wait to see you all this August!
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nice to meet both of you...Kat, i think that there is a message board outside of the admissions office where people can post a message if they are looking for a roomate, but i don't think that the admissions office has a master list of people who are looking for roomates...I do know of a gal named Liz who mentioned that she is looking for off-campus housing, if you want me to e-mail her and give her your address or something, let me know!....

nice to meet both of you and i am looking forward to getting to know you all a little better in the near future....

i was thinking about taking a trip out to Chicago and checking out the apartments in the near future; anyone interested in making a road trip out of it?

- John
Thanks for the advice! I'll probably wait until later this spring before I make any definite decisions about housing! I'll also be making a trip up there sometime later--when I can get away from school, etc. It was nice to meet you!

have you guys actually recieved anything about housing or financial aid yet? I know we need to fill out a FAFSFA(sp?) but that is as much as i know...i don't want to get a bill for $26,000 in the mail 'cause i have NO way of paying anything like that without becomming like Duece Bigalow-Male Gigalo (lol) guys know if we need to make our own housing arrangements during orientation?
Don't wait on housing if you want anything on-campus. They go quick and it's first-come, first-serve.
Fill out that FAFSA ASAP! It will then be sent it to CCOM and you shall receive an offer for aid. Whatever they offer in federal aid will most likely not be enough and so you must then contact financial aid and seek they're help with alternative loans if they haven't contacted you first.
Q? Email me and whatever I know is yours to have.