New Emergency Medicine Residency recruiting for July 2016


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Apr 22, 2016
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    The University of Central Florida and Osceola Regional Medical Center are delighted to announce the approval of their Emergency Medicine Residency Program through ACGME for initial accreditation. The UCF - Osceola Regional program has exceptional faculty who are leaders in Clinical Informatics, Clinical Research, Education, Simulation, Ultrasound, Healthcare Policy and Clinical Practice. Osceola Regional, located outside of Orlando in Kissimmee, FL, is a busy Level 2 Trauma Center Provisional Status with over 80k ER visits annually, Primary Advanced Stroke Center, Chest Pain Center with PCI, and is home to residencies in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Internal Medicine.

    The program is recruiting for July 2016, and will accept both PGY 1 and PGY 2 candidates.

    For consideration applicants should sent the following:

    · Cover Letter stating interest, Emergency Medicine experience, and current circumstances

    · Current CV

    · USMLE Scores (Step 1, Step 2 CK & CS; Step 3 if applicable)

    · Medical School Transcript and Diploma

    · Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)/Dean’s Letter

    · A list of rotations completed in the PGY-1 year (or subsequent years if applicable)

    · 3 Letters of recommendation preferably from Emergency Medicine Faculty (one from current Program Director if applicable)

    Please send application materials to [email protected]

    Visit our website for more information:
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