1. F

    Position Swap FM pgy 2 swap position in Florida

    I am looking to swap with a pgy 2 in FM. My current residency is located in Florida. I am also looking for open FM pgy2 positions as well. I‘m okay with any location. I’ve signed up for residency swap but haven’t had one reach out to me yet.
  2. S

    Renting Renting

    ORLANDO!!! THE FIRST MONTH RENT FOR FREE, NO SECURITY DEPOSIT REQUIED!!! Available June 5, 2020. Beautiful 1-bedroom, 1-bath with stainless steel appliances, in-unit washer/dryer, walk-in closet and cute balcony with a beautiful view of the swimming pool. Perfect location right next to the...
  3. siohohl

    Renting Room for rent in Orlando/Kissimmee, FL area

    Offering housing for a placement and/or rotation in or near the area of Kissimmee, Orlando, and Lake Nona. I have a fully furnished room available for rent for a reasonable price. Short term rentals available Includes WiFi Utilities included Access to private pool Must like dogs/pets! 2 small...
  4. F

    Preceptor recommendations, Orlando FL

    Hi All, For anyone that has done APPE rotations in Orlando, please list a few places and preceptor names if you remember them. My school has a list but I would like to go based on good reviews. I like preceptors that are hands on with things and teach you well rather then give you busy work...
  5. P

    Hotel choice for MidYear?

    I'll be attending Midyear in Orlando this winter. I was wondering what your opinions are about accommodations. Is it better to stay at a hotel within walking distance of the Convention center or is it ok to rely on shuttles for transportation at the farther ASHP hotels? Is it better to room with...
  6. MedMal Brain

    Educational Websites on Medical Malpractice and Brain & Spine Injuries

    Hi everyone:=|:-): I work on a couple websites that students can cite for schoolwork. Find articles, definitions, infographics, legal help and more. I'm in these sites every day working on improvements and ways to get more info out there. Have a look and add ideas you might like to see on...
  7. Osorio93

    FF/Paramedic to MD/DO

    So I know that similar threads have been posted but nothing has stuck out that I can relate to my own personal situation (duh). So here it goes: I am a FF/Paramedic, been in EMS for 4 years and the FD for 1 for a busy urban, semi-rural to rural county (Lake County, FL). We have pretty...
  8. E

    New Emergency Medicine Residency recruiting for July 2016

    The University of Central Florida and Osceola Regional Medical Center are delighted to announce the approval of their Emergency Medicine Residency Program through ACGME for initial accreditation. The UCF - Osceola Regional program has exceptional faculty who are leaders in Clinical Informatics...
  9. D

    Need Rotation Advice

    Hello all, I am a 3rd year medical student from a Caribbean University. I just need to complete a couple more core rotations as I did most of them in Atlanta. Here's where the problem starts, my school allows me to schedule my rotations anywhere. I had to move from Atlanta recently as my father...