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New iPad Pro or MacBook for School?


New Member
Nov 1, 2019
  1. Optometry Student
You should see if your school uses exam software that can be used on either first to be safe if one of them is going to be your only device. I personally would get an iPad Pro. I currently use a ApplePencil compatible iPad and it was really useful for marking up diagrams and notes. Plus, I didn't like the amount of paper I originally was wasting in clinical labs printing out the forms so it was nice to have a digital copy. I know a lot of my classmates also have the iPad Pro and love using it.
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Full Member
2+ Year Member
Apr 30, 2016
  1. Pre-Optometry
I did my first quarter of optometry school with just my laptop and id say its almost the same as when I got my ipad in terms of lectures. It all depends on your note taking style and sometimes I switch back to my laptop to type out notes. However, being able to go paperless was such a huge help for me. I felt like everything was much more orderly and organized + it was easier to refer back to assignments quickly. Definitely do not regret getting an ipad, I got an older generation, smaller screen size one and it works fine for me and since all my notes are backed up on drive I didn't need much memory at all.
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