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Sep 5, 2008
hey i just looked at OU pharm req... and it says....

web link: http://pharmacy.ouhsc.edu/downloads/Pharm-dPrerequisiteWorksheet.pdf

"These are minimum requirements. A preference will be given to applicants who have
successfully completed a biochemistry course, upper-level sciences, both human anatomy
and physiology and/or have received a bachelor's degree."

THIS is very big change in OU req page.... from last year


1)NOW........... Is there a possiblity pharmacy school may req BS just like california schools?

2)recommendation on completing BS or NOT (i have completed my major req but would it be good)

3)completing the BS from a named university like OU vs. some state university will it matter?


4) we know going to a school with a pharm prg. does not guaranty admission.......... BUT having a BS degree from a university with a pharm prg and applying to their pharm prg (AKA their graduate prg) will it matter if i have graduate from their university (will a "PREFERENCE" be given)? ( I KNOW question is wordy..didnt have any other way to state it lol)

sorry for the question but each question may help students reading this thread

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Jul 11, 2009
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1. I don't think that all the SOP university will require a BS, because cali schools have always been that odd ones out. Besides there is more non-bs than bs schools out there.
2. If you are in your first two years, and can get into a SOP, why bother getting your BS? Because there is more than one pharm school out there.
3. If you have to get a bs, get it at a good school. Why bother shooting for something lower?


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Mar 18, 2009
Palo Alto, CA
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1. Yes, it's a possibility. As California goes, so goes the rest of the nation.
2. Continue with your BS curriculum and simultaneously apply for Pharmacy school assuming you've got your pre-requisites accomplished. Might as well, right? If you get into a CoP your BS/BA will be moot.
3. Really doesn't matter. Of course, if money is no issue and you have the academic oomph to get into a T school then go for it... but I wouldn't worry about it too much. When it comes to getting into Pharmacy school, a BA/BS is a BA/BS.