New programs?

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Aug 24, 1999
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Has anyone heard rumors of new programs?

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I know Duke now has a program. Whether it opened last year or this year I'm not sure. They had a bit of a struggle getting accredited because they didn't want to open enough spots. In the end, they gave in and called it a 10 spot program to get the ok, then only opened a few. I love it when schools work the system.:cool:
one of my former roommates is currently an intern in duke's emergency program. and yes, they are accredited. i don't know how many spots are available, though.
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unmc (university of nebraska med center) has rumors that it will be starting up a er residency soon....granted, it isn't the heart of some urban city so you probably won't get too many craziness, but i've been around some of the er docs there and they are awesome people.....if i do er, then unmc is where i'll be going.
Rumor has it that Tampa General Hospital is going to start an EM residency. One of my classmates called the head of the Dept there and was told that it would be accepting applications for the ERAS 2002-2003 season. Obviously, this hasn't happened. I don't knwo what my classmate was talking about... and I haven't been able to find anything on the internet to support his claim.

Maimonides is new, too, just as Duke is. I think there's a new one in Alabama as well.
Maybe they are waiting for the September meeting of the RRC. New programs (approved) are supposed to be announced in the October newsletter on the SAEM web site.