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Nov 15, 2008
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University of Toledo has a new fully accredited Emergency Medicine residency, beginning in July 2009.


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Sep 25, 2008
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Just curious, but are they matching this year, or do people scramble into it?

They are matching. They have already interviewed several days and will continue through the end of January. I believe the program is accredited for 8 positions, but I believe they are only filling 6 spots for the first couple of years.

The primary institution is University of Toledo Medical Center (formerly Medical College of Ohio Hospital) which is where the majority of off service rotations take place. Ob/Gyn and Peds will take place at other hospitals in the city. The ED months are going to be pretty equally split between UTMC and St. Luke's Hospital about 10 minutes from UTMC. St. Luke's and UTMC are pretty similar in size and census, but UTMC is a referral center, level I trauma center, and in the city so the acuity of the ED patients is much higher there. St. Luke's is located in Maumee (suburb of Toledo) so the patient population is more middle to upper-middle class. UTMC has a good mix of low-income and middle-to-upper income patients.

They also plan to implement several international rotations. They already have signed agreements for the attendings and residents as well as some of UT's 4th year students and some nurses to travel to China (the largest hospital in Shanghai) and I believe India. They are currently working on (and may have agreements now) to hospitals in Egypt and Chile. The plan is for these rotations to be a month in duration and you would staff the hospital EDs just like you would in the states with a similar number of shifts. In other words, these are not vacations. You will be working. All of the hospitals are completely modern, and in most cases are among the most respected hospitals in their countries. One of the benefits is collaborative research. What may take years in American hospitals can be completed in months in China simply because of the census.


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