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Feb 23, 2004
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Hi Meggs,

I am new to this website and am delighted to find lot of valuable info being posted in it.
My background in India is BDS, MPH from BU and currently doing a second yr dental public health residency.
I did not give boards yet but am planning to give by Aug/Sep 04 (both I&II).
I know that we can do a 2 yr program like AEGD or a clinical specialty( along with boards+licensure exam) to be able to practice in many states. But I read in this site that a 2 yr dental public health program would be sufficient to take up licensure exam in some states. Is it true?
Do you know anybody who gave licensing exam directly (other than CA, like MN,TX)? I want to know about how to do it? How difficult it is? How to prepare for it?
Do you have any other options in mind for me to go to clinical(except advanced standing) at this time of the year?
I would greatly appreciate your reply and thanks for your patience.



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Apr 18, 2003
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Hi Health,

First of all, welcome. Second, maybe you should post the same messagge of yours in a new thread off this one, because we're not supossed to hold a conversation on this thread. Post your messagge on a new thread, and I'm sure people will come up with plenty of advice for you. Thank you.
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