New to forum question about doing well on the OAT.


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Dec 30, 2008
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Hi guys,
I know there are many of you in here that have good advice for those who are wanting to enter into a career as an optometrist. I wanted to ask those of you who have taken the Kaplan class for the OAT, was it helpful? Did it help you improve your grades or am i better off studying on my own? I'm think about just buying many books and doing many many practice test and brush up on areas that i am weak at.
I want to apply for entering class of 2010. Should i take my OAT say around March and then apply in April or May to better my chance of getting in?

I would appreciate all advice.
Thank you.


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Dec 2, 2008
you can search the forum for opinions about kaplan courses and study techniques. I know i have written in may.

In regards to entering the 2010 class, taking the OAT in March and applying in April and May is way too late.

Most schools have deadlines ranging from december to May, and really only a handfew of schools go past March.

The application cycle for 2010 just started, and with rolling admissions always something to keep your mind on, you're going to want to apply as soon as possible on the condition that you can ace your OAT.

With your timeframe, that is too late and you will most likely end up in 2011.

I'd suggest studying now for the OAT and getting your LORs and optometry shadowing right this instant (get up from the computer, grab your overcoat and fedora, and go out into the night). I'd suggest taking the OAT sometime in September to November, then applying soon afterwards. You won't have the benefit of rolling admissions, but this is a realistic goal that can get you into 2010 binding that the rest of your application is competitive.

You can study for the OAT on your own with the textbooks you used in college. The only must-have study aid are practice tests. learn from your mistakes, learn to work fast in qr, thats about it.
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