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New Member
Aug 3, 2017
  1. Pre-Optometry
So I am currently a senior at a college in Missouri. I am studying now to take the OAT in September/October (haven't yet registered for a date). I will also be applying to optometry school shortly after. I've just recently committed to trying to get into this optometry school so I feel very behind.

My main questions are, if anyone can help answer them, are:
1.) I currently have about a 3.2 GPA, while the average GPA for those entering the school last year was a 3.5. How worried should I be about my GPA?
2.) What have been helpful resources to study from? I have the Kaplan test book for this year, but it is over 1,000 pages and kind of intimidating. I have been studying from it but wondering if there might be alternative sources that might be better/easier to study from while at work. I almost bought the OatCracker, has anyone been successful with that?
3.) Aside from shadowing maybe 10 hours at this point, I don't have much experience in the optical field. Anyone have any suggestions on how to gain more experience before applying?



Full Member
2+ Year Member
Apr 9, 2017
Ok, welcome to optometry-related stuff!
GPA looks decent, in my opinion. Which optometry school you're looking into because some (like UAB) go for a more all-rounded approach, so decent GPA along with amazing OAT scores and other great stuff is fine.

Kaplan is great. I have the 2014 version, but it's really good cuz the questions are more rigorous than the actual OAT. OAT cracker, never heard much on it. Try Chad's video.

For shadowing, umm... Did you recently decide on optometry in general? And if it is recent, were you still interested in anything medical-related before hand? Because if, say, you at one point wanted to do ER medicine and shadowed 50hrs in the ER, then that's perfectly fine.
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Midwestern AZCOPT C/O 2021
5+ Year Member
Jun 2, 2015
Glendale, AZ
  1. Optometry Student
I would work on bringing up your gpa but I wouldn't stress over it a lot. I would focus on your oat score and application.
The oat Kapalan book is a great resource but it can be overwhelming at first. Chads videos are a very good way to brush up on your sciences.
As far as shadowing, go in person to different places and explain to them your educational goals and see if they can fit you in anywhere.
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