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    Best website ever! Props to the creators =)

    A little background: I graduated in May from a decent university with no clear cut picture of my future. I was always interested in pre-med, but got a bit sidetracked by theatre, English and other such pursuits. I have never overexerted myself in my classes, perhaps because I was exploring so many interests and I found it hard to focus on one particular pathway. Hence my 3.2 undergrad GPA. But I digress.

    I knew that medicine had always interested me and I loved Bio and Anatomy in high school, but math related classes have always made me want to run for cover. :scared: Nevertheless I took the required Bio I, Bio II, Chem I and II classes in college and received B's.

    After graduation to explore my interest I gained some experience in the healthcare field by working in hospitals and a clinic. I LOVED IT. I want to help people, as DIsney as that sounds. It is so satisfying, especially working with sick kids or with the elderly patients, to know they are counting on you to alleviate their pain somehow. I know many will say being an MD is a hassle (malpractice, long hours, brutal residencies, insurance shizit to deal with), and I am fully aware of these burdens. Yet, I find it so incredibly rewarding. It's funny because after being so lost for a while I finally feel RIGHT about something I am doing, satisfied and content.

    Enough mush.

    I have a bit of a problem though: Ok you know my fear of numbers :scared: ? Well it caused me to WITHDRAW from physics I and another Math course. I know at the time I wasn't focused enough to do well, because pre-meds left and right were saying how you NEED A's, YOU NEED A's!!!!! And, well, I thought better a W then a D if I panic on the exams. I swear it's a phobia. There should be medication. So am I SCREWED according to all you all-knowing ones?

    Stats-wise: 3.2 overall
    3.4 major
    3.0 science 2 W's

    Shall I do a formal post bacc? Classes left are Orgo I and II, Physics I and II, :scared: and Biochem

    Also, I am now you think I can do this all this Spring and Summer and take the MCAT in August? Or is this rushing it? in your experienced opinions is it better to extend it over next year and take MCATs the next April?
    Ex: Spring 06 Summer 06 Summer MCAT
    Orgo I Physics I and II
    and Orgo II (is this even possible?)

    Or Spring 06 Summer 06 Fall 06 April MCAT
    Orgo I Physics I and II Orgo II

    I know people go to med school at every age so by the time I may start med school would be 25, (b/c of the lag year) if I go the alternate route. Does a year really make a difference? I have this fear I'll be surrounded by young-uns and I'll be the "kid left back in class" if I attend med school later....

    OPINIONS PLEASE, Thank you ever so much if you got this far.
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    Don't rush first of all. Second, you cannot take Orgo I in the spring because the classes are taught in sequence, Orgo I in the fall, and Orgo II in the spring. What you could do, but I would not suggest, is take Orgo II before Orgo one in the spring, but that would not be the best option.

    What I would suggest is simply taking these classes full time during the year starting in the fall 06. Good luck.
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    Many larger schools will offer the first AND second class in a given sequence each semester... eg: orgo 1 and orgo 2 offered in the spring.

    MedChic, more mush for you. You can do it. However, it seems as if one of your post-bac goals should be to either raise your GPA rather significantly or, if you have too many credits, create a transcript where the last 30 or so credit hours are A's. Either option will require more than a spring and summer. But hey, I'm in pretty much the same situation as you (except I'm pre-dent) and I'm going to take the DAT next August after not nearly enough upper level sciences. What's the worst the schools can do? Not accept me? At least I can ask them what I need to do to improve my app and use my reapp as further proof of my dedication to the profession. The key, however, is to make sure you ace the MCAT. Plain and simple.

    PM me if you wanna chat about this more.


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