Medical No Advisor, Low GPA, SMP options - what should I do?

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Jun 11, 2010
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I’m a 26 year old non-traditional applicant. I do not have access to an advisor. My GPA is a 3.32 and it took me 9 years to graduate due to family responsibilities and finances. While I have tried to make this up with managing a lab, publications, co-founding a non-profit, etc. I am Heavily weighed down by these grades.

Currently, I am scheduled to take the MCAT august 8th, (I gave myself three months, need to still spend a lot of time on content review) BUT I got seriously mysteriously sick with my first ever migraine weird neurological symptoms (didn’t go to ER cause of covid and no insurance till June), lost over two weeks to recover and ruined my whole schedule.

Due my low GPA, I am afraid will not be ready to score over a 510 and planning to potentially retake my MCAT at some point if necessary or reschedule to August 30th.

I have been waitlisted at some SMP’s including a gaurunteed admissions to a D.O school, and need to create a decent plan so I can be ready to apply in June 2021 in case I don’t get into D.O program.
I live in Washington D.C

my options are:

1. (waitlisted) Georgetown Special Master's Program in D.C $27,000 a semester = $80,000
Death or Life. Go to school with Georgetown Medical Students and get graded Against them
top 10% get into Georgetown (unlikely)
8/5-12/16 (one month break)
1/13-6/12 June 12th (no time for medschool applications) so no time for Mcat or applying, basically should not consider right? My ego is attracted to it but I’m an idiot.

2. (accepted) G-Squared Georgetown/George Mason Certificate Program in Manassas
$40,000 for certificate then another $30,000 if you want to apply for a masters in physiology at Georgetown.

Time for MCAT starts August ends May (can apply for medical school in May)

Pretty expensive for just a certificate that’s not even at Georgetown’s campus. You apply for a Masters in Physiology after completion and all credits get transferred for this. The Masters in Physiology is non-thesis based and kind of BS. All will total $60,000 But it’s an SMP type program I am confident I can Ace AND have time for apps/Mcat.

3. Boston university 9/2/2020 – 5/6/2021 (Gives me the time to apply for Medschool in June and reschedule my MCAT to August 30th instead of 8th)
I don’t need the research and I rather not move to Boston for but will do what it takes if this is my best bet

4. $28,000 areas school D.O guaranteed Admissions (Waitlisted)(My Top Option)

So, basically if I don’t get into the D.O program, it’s between G-Squared (at home)
And Boston SMP

Thank you.
I’ve considered a DIY and it sounds really good, but after 9 years idk how much it will help, as the grades will be viewed separately anyways. And I wouldn’t mind at least earning a degree to look forward too.

Thank you for your time, I have been lost throughout this journey and I don’t have access to a legit advisor. I know that getting a high MCAT should be my top priority.

Btw is three months of 9-8 hour a day studying enough for someone who needs to super content review for score of 512 on the MCAT?

I’m good with d.o or m.d, prefer m.d just cause of match rate but beggars can’t be choosers.
Your GPA is fine for DO right now. Just score > 500.

If you're boning for the MD, then go for the SMP.

go read my post on reinvention for premeds.

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Thank you, will do so. Would it matter what SMP it is? Boston masters vs G-squared certificate? Boston is a lot more rigorous...

(I’ll get the answers from your post if they are there)

also, how long should one spend on MCAT if heavy content review is required?

thank you again I really appreciate it
I consider SMPs to be a dime a dozen. Pick on that is:
1) least tuition
2) is a year in length
3) has the best linkage
4) given by a med school

For MCAT questions, consult SDN's MCAT forum. Do NOT take the exam until you are 100% ready of it.
Honestly, even with an SMP I feel MD is a long shot and may not be worth the time, money, hassle, and headaches.

DO schools are more lenient for students who are non-traditional like yourself, and as long as you score at least 500, your chances are pretty good. To me, applying to these SMPs, paying a ton of money, wasting another year, just to MAYBE get into an MD (not likely) seems like too much risk.

My advice is to apply to DO and move on with your life. In the end, you will be a physician either way.
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