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Mar 12, 2013
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Since the end of November is rapidly approaching and I have no II, I'm wondering what is productive to do this cycle. I'm also confused as to why I have not heard anything back. I assumed it was Covid related delays, but I've been reading that many schools are "on time" with admissions.

My background non-trad with several years of experience supporting clinical research (two hospitals one private practice one academic).

uGPA: 2.96 graduated 2016
gGPA: 3.5 graduated 2018
MCAT 1: 496
MCAT 2: 510

School List:
14 MD
12 "low tier" and state school (Tennessee system) per wedgedawg list
4 DO lecom, lecom FL, Marian, Midwestern AZ, Midwestern Chi

MD secondary complete late aug to early oct (most second week of september)
DO complete in october

Am I at the point now were it is a waste of money to continue to complete DO applications? Should I be sending update letters? Really unsure if there is anything left to do to prep for future cycles.

To clarify uGPA is actually BCPM uGPA; cumulative uGPA is 3.13. I also took two independent courses (cell bio and immunology) with GPA 3.7 (these were taken before my graduate degree).

What was the graduate degree? Did you do a post-bac or something?


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Sep 30, 2008
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Honestly, your application is pretty marginal due to the low GPA, and being complete in September-October is just too late for someone with your stats.

I think you need to read @Goro 's guide for reinvention, as your GPA needs significant improvement to make you competitive for MD schools. Alternatively, expand your DO list and apply early next year.


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Jun 11, 2010
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Yup technically master's of science, but glorified post bach.

So I've got a list of other DO schools that I haven't completed yet. Are we at the point where this will be a waste of money? Obviously I've heard plenty of antidotal stories about late DO app success, but I have a hard time spending 2K + on apps with low return on investment.

That being said I'm gonna spend the money versus waiting another year if there is at least a decent shot
This has been a very competitive year and apps are up at both MD and DO. I think that you still have a chance at DO if you get your apps out ASAP. Do NOT be too worried if you get IIs and then multiple wait lists and we are seeing stellar candidates, but I suspect that they will go to MD at crunch time. Hence, off the WL you'll get.
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