Non-Interventional Pain Physician

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Jul 26, 2010
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Our hospital based Multidisciplinary Pain Program in the Midwest is looking to expand. We currently have a Pain Psychologist and two interventionalists. We are primarily looking for someone that would be interested in medication management and perhaps in the future overseeing a PA/NP. Having a background in addiction medicine would certainly be a great addition.

Certainly, they may also do minor procedures such as TPI, bursa, and joint injections. Pay would be competitive as it's in the Midwest.

Again, this is a hospital employed model so fringe benefits such as retirement, dental , healthcare, etc exists. The clinic is w/I one hour of two major cities.

PM me if you are interested. No fellowship needed. Can be a physician from any background training.

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With new CMS pay schedule, he will make more than you. Of course, who needs a pain fellowship to just write narcs. You should be ashamed.

I really do not mind if he gets paid more than me. That's not what this is about. And why do you need a fellowship to be able to write opioids or any medications at that? Responsible opioid writing can be done by anyone as long as rules are followed and policies are kept.

To have a truly functioning multi-disciplinary clinic, each physician and team member brings something to the table. Whether it's interventional, rehabilitative, non interventional, psych, etc. Each physician offers something unique. The importance is on collaboration amongst the physicians in order to facilitated an increase in a patient's ability to function .

Your comments are short sighted. Think big picture. To run an effective, multi-disciplinary program, each arm of the program is needed to run it effectively and efficiently there's nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, with the right individuals it's something that can be used for creating better Evidence Based Medicine.